Indie Artist Spotlight (FULL LOGO 1057)

Jonathan & Emily Martin

To say Jonathan & Emily Martin are a pleasure to know is an understatement.  Jonathan and Emily Martin are a married couple that loves music, singing, and songwriting. But mainly we they a family (currently with one son, Judah) called to be followers of Christ and ministers of the gospel.
They firmly believe that the scriptures are literally the words of God and therefore powerful, helpful, and beautiful. And so, as a ministry, they have this phrase that sums up what they are most passionate about in regards to their music and ministry, “the Word in Worship.” They say, “Our songs are an overflow of the worship that the Word of God is producing in our lives. That is what “Word in Worship” means to us.”

Get to know them. Get to know their music. You’ll want to know their God.





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