Indie Artist Spotlight (FULL LOGO 1057)


Cameron Moore

Cameron is someone with a heart that is sold out to serving the Father, who loves his Maker, and who finds joy in doing all that He asks of him. Cameron is an individual who exemplifies a life that humbly lives to serve God. Not only can this be seen in the life he lives, but also in the music that he creates. The lyrics and melodies engraved on his heart speak volumes of his love for the Lord, and his passion to serve Him.

Artists such as David Crowder, Bon Iver, and Coldplay have influenced much of Cameron’s music. One can hear these influences when you listen to the true, organic, and heart-filled music of Cameron Moore. The lyrics and music to his songs expose his heart toward God, and his heart for the Lord. He finds gladness in hearing the interpretations of people who listens to his songs.